Sith Marauder Builds (updated for patch 1.3)

Sith Warriors in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, a Sith Marauder (A pure DPS Class) or a Sith Juggernaut (DPS / Tank class that uses sheilds and heavy armor). The Sith Marauder uses two light sabers to do impressive melee damage. Sith Marauders have three trees to choose talents from: Annihilation (DPS tree), Carnage (DPS tree) and Rage (a shared DPS tree shared with the Juggernaut Class).

Below I will list the best sith marauder builds to use for your sith warrior so you do not have to waste valuble play time figuring out what sith marauder builds work best.

If you wish to submit a marauder build please email it to, listing what it is for and any other relevant information I should know about this marauder build.

The changes that effect Sith Warriors in patch 1.3 are as follows:

•Rare instances where Unleash would not activate if the player wasn't facing the target have been corrected.
•The responsiveness of Retaliation and Gore has been increased.
•A Marauder's Companion Character no longer remains invisible to other players when the Marauder uses Force Camouflage.

•Gore: This ability now costs 1 Rage and is no longer limited by the global cooldown. Its damage has been reduced, and the duration of its armor penetration debuff has been reduced by 1.5 seconds to ensure the effective duration is the same.

Annihilation Builds(updated for 1.3)

Builds that focus on the Annihilation tree (DPS tree).

31/3/7 - PVE Annihilation Build - This is the main build now that should be used for Annihlation DPS. As Ravage has been buffed it is a little more usefull now.

PVP Annihliation Build31/5/3 +2 - Standard Annihlation PVP Build - Standard PVP spec for Annihlation. This spec has 2 extra points that can be placed in either:

Phantom, Defensive Roll or Stagger


Carnage Builds (updated for 1.3)

Marauder builds that focus on the Carnage tree(DPS tree).

carnage pvp build3/34/2 +2 - Marauder Carnage PVP Build - This is the base spec that should be used for marauders for carnage sith marauders for pvp. This build has 2 points left over that can be used for: Short Fuse but other options include Stagger, Narrowed Hatred or Decimate



2/32/7 - Carnage Leveling Build


Rage Builds(updated for 1.3)

Marauder builds that focus on the Rage tree(DPS tree) will be listed here.

2/2/31 +6 - Rage Smash Build - This is a smash build with 6 extra points that can be put into different talents.


Hybrid Builds

Marauder builds that have talents mixed in several marauder trees will be listed here.


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